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The Visitor Returns

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TheVisitorReturnsThe Visitor Returns is the second version of the science fiction game where the Visitor is back on our planet and has to kill everyone on a campground. In fact it is a horror game with a lot of interesting puzzles to solve. You control The Visitor - an alien who eat everything and use it to grow larger and gain more power. At the beginning of the game, the visitor is small and has to use his ability of immediate strike to get food. Start with killing small animals, like dogs to become more powerful. As you progress in the game, you will be able to kill scorpion and get his venomous powers and even attack people. The Visitor Returns is a game where you must use your logical thinking ability to succeed. For example you must use other objects to scare animals or make a trap for them. Even though that the game is not big - there are only several scenes in it, I enjoyed it very much. The final scene where the visitor has to kill the woman has several different endings. Use them all to find out which is the most deadly weapon of the visitor. Play the full version of The Visitor Returns at our website.